The program is designed to support the work of acting politicians and young political leaders. Through training seminars, workshops, discussions on topical issues and practical consultation sessions the team of PACE works towards the establishment of a new political culture in Bulgaria. The joint forums for government officials and experts from Bulgaria and abroad developed into key factors, creating the new democracy handbook in the country.

1999 year

Local Elections and Local Government Program

Support for the Decision-Making Process in Government Institutions at the Central and Regional Level Program

Conference:"Bulgaria, The Region and the Kosovo Crisis"- Borovetz 4

Young Leaders Program

2000 year

Best and Worst Campaign Practices in the Election Campaign

Internal communication - basis for effective media policy of the Party

"Challenges to the party and government in the beginning of the new election cycle" - Borovec 5

The role and significance of local clubs in the UDF Campaign 2001

2001 year

Political party in campaign situation

Participation of the young people in the election campaign 2001

Fund-raising and the election campaign

Round tables "Employment and security - the British model"

Election campaign 2001

Long term political education - The Modern Politician

Political leaders

2002 year


Project idea: "Good policy - badly sold"

Project idea: "Long-term Political education"- part

Project idea: "International training of young politicians"